Security Personnel

Security Personnel

+Security Guards
Severn Security provides high standard security for a wide range of sites including; commercial, multi-office space, public buildings, residential property in both Public and Private sectors. Whether you are thinking of outsourcing your entire security guarding requirements or using our highly trained and motivated personnel to support your in-house teams, Our experienced and professional officers can deliver your organization’s needs. Our dedicated Operations Managers can offer you valuable advice on the best possible security solution for your Organization.

We are an ACS-approved contractor, our Officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority and each undergoing extensive background and criminal record check before being deployed.

+Mobile Patrol Security
With Severn Security Intelligent Software we have raised the bar at the highest level of standard to ensure your organization is safeguarded. We can provide you with an instant status of the security for your premises and create intelligent reports. Our SIA licensed mobile security officers will patrol your premises throughout the day and night or at random times so as not to set up a noticeable pattern.
+Concierge and Reception Security
Our concierge security staff are highly trained to be effective in a professional environment to deal with potential clients and other people within your premises. We are fully aware of how important is for your organization to have security officers who fully understand your organization’s vision and can truly represent your establishment. It is vital within a business that concierge staff are of a high standard as they are the first person that people meet as they enter your premises, this is why we ensure that our security officers are of the best standards.
+Events and Crowd Control Security
Severn Security fully understands how hard our clients work to deliver the best customer experience that’s why we get to know the priorities of your establishment and the potential security challenges that you are facing, Our highly-trained SIA licensed security personnel to understand the local customer demographic and have the capability to pre-empt and diffuse conflict if necessary. Over the past 15 years, Severn Security worked closely with our clients to exceed their expectations, we know we can add value to the customer journey. We are committed to tailoring the right security team to enhance your customer experience.

While customer service is a priority, our clients also trust us to ensure that licensing teams and local authorities are highly satisfied with our exemplary compliance systems and our strong communication. We will build the right teams and implement the appropriate policies and processes according to the unique requirements of every venue.

+Keyholding and Response Units
To ensure your organization’s safeguarded, we have developed our team of response units that are allocated specifically to your required security concerns. Our emergency alarm response unit will attend your premises on your behalf and deal with the situation that caused the alarm activation by using our Security Intelligent software a comprehensive report is provided to you almost immediately which outlining the incident and the action taken by our response officers.

Our security key holders are in constant contact with our control center and can request immediate response if intruders are detected or a situation turns hostile. Our key holders can reset alarm systems, arrange emergency building repairs and ensure that the premises are secure before they leave.