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Services overview

We offer fast, professional and exceptional Security Services

Severn Security was established in 1999 as a local company with the hope of delivering quality Security services to local businesses. Over the 20 years, market and customer opportunities have allowed us to grow our service offerings to become the largest Security Service provider privately-run in Worcestershire and surrounding areas recognized as a leading security service provider who combined the traditional approach with Hi-Tech software and a team of highly Experienced Directors within the Security field.
Security Personnel

Security Guards, Mobile Patrol Security, Concierge and Reception Security, Events and Crowd Control Security, Keyholding and Response Units


Here at Severn Security Services, we can provide you with the most up-to-date, qualified, and professional personnel for CCTV operations within the security industry

Executive Protection

Executive protection (EP) services are for clients who wish to implement an inner layer of security for themselves and/or family members. We can provide any size security detail to ensure adequate coverage for busy lifestyles and work schedules

Security Management Programme

 Our highly educated and qualified board of Directors will assess the security risks and security threats to your organization so that suitable strategies can be applied to potential adversaries.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

At Severn Security we Look critically at your organization’s context in terms of sector, operational processes and assets, sources of risks, and the outcome should they materialize.

Physical Security

At Severn Security Services, we make use of both technology and specialized hardware to achieve your safety expectation goals. The size and scope of which may vary depending on your specific needs and possible threats to your facility.