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We offer fast, professional and exceptional Security Services

Severn Security Services was established in 2015 as a Security management specialist hoping to deliver quality Security Services to businesses around the U.K. Over the nine years, market and customer opportunities have allowed us to grow our service offerings to become one of the largest Security Service providers privately run in the U.K.

We combined the traditional approach with hi-tech software and a team of highly knowledgeable directors within the security field to achieve the best security standards. We are driven to explore new ways of security service delivery and up-to-date approaches to ever-evolving threats and security challenges.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

Cost-effective 24/7 response Open 24 hours Severn Security are SIA licensed and accredited to provide rapid and effective key holding and security response services throughout the UK. Our cost-efficient remote…

Cleaning Services

Severn Security Not only take care of your security needs but we also offer bespoke, commercial, industrial and educational cleaning services

Security Personnel

Security Guards, Mobile Patrol Security, Concierge and Reception Security, Events and Crowd Control Security, Keyholding and Response Units


Here at Severn Security Services, we can provide you with the most up-to-date, qualified, and professional personnel for CCTV operations within the security industry

Security Management Programme

 Our highly educated and qualified board of Directors will assess the security risks and security threats to your organization so that suitable strategies can be applied to potential adversaries.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

At Severn Security we Look critically at your organization’s context in terms of sector, operational processes and assets, sources of risks, and the outcome should they materialize.

Security Application

SSS App Our Intelligent Security Application

Daily Occurrence Book, Incident and event reporting, Tracking
Hours of Annual Security Provied

”I just wanted to say a big thank you to Worcester’s Severn Security for your services at 2 of my sites. Your security are always smart, approachable and professional. I know of several occasions at our Ledbury site they have been in sticky situations and remained professional throughout. I would highly recommend your security company”
Julia ClarkArea Manager